CMHWAK contributors include:

CMHWAK (Noob Saibot from Mortal Kombat)
Tom (Black Kites, formerly You & I, the Assistant, This Ship Will Sink)
Johan S (http://lyricswillnotreachtheaudience.blogspot.com/, Sweden)
xmoonxhowlerx (http://natureswithnoplagues.blogspot.com/, Serbia)
picklehammer (VLV troll)
willsoutherland (BROOTALPOODLE on the forums)
thebigmin aka boss skramz (Fight Fair, Seeing Means More, Orinda, MTV)
behindthewallofsleep (Scotland, mulder on the forums)

The CMHWAK blog respectfully appreciates cmhwak.com of the early 00's which gathered a giant internet community before being abandoned.