Wednesday, October 27, 2010

News: Recent news in the CMHWAK forums

I might as well do small news updates like this, since lots gets posted about in the forums and most of it is notable but doesn't need to bury our blog content in the process. So here goes:


I had the pleasure to sit down and interview genre heavyweights LOMA PRIETA at their show in Sacramento California this past week.

Check it out here :

Make sure to pick up the copy of their new record "LIFE/LESS" @ , definitely one of the best hardcore records i've ever heard.

if you didn't catch the amazing set that night, please check out the live video here :

More CMHWAK TV to come.....stay on the look out!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Band: Delo Truda

Time for me to share some still alive and kicking music. Canada gave birth to "No Alarms" in 2008, but 2010 brought a name change into "Delo Truda". Named after a Russian Anarchist publication meaning "workers cause", this four-piece screamo act brings us an excellent 18 minute four-track self titled release. Quite an excellent mix of slow, mid and fast tempo melodies, as well as the fact that they like making both fast three minute songs as well as "epic" seven minute monstrosities. Great song composition, pace changing and dual vocals...what more could you ask for?

The main reason I'm posting this is because this band is still young, despite it's formation in 2008, and still a lot of people haven't even heard about them. Give them a try, you won't regret it!

Tumblr page:

Myspace page:

Delo Truda - Delo Truda (2010)
(Support the band, buy a copy if you like this.  Leave a comment if you represent the band and are mad about us posting this and we will take the download link down ASAP)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Interview: Ed Warner's Cage

Ed Warner's Cage is a band from France, they've been around for a bit now and have been playing an intense brand of screamo. Here's an interview I did with them recently.

MANUEL: Hello, could you please introduce yourself, your band name, band members and what type of music you play?

ED WARNER'S CAGE: Ok, I'm Jerome, ED WARNER's singer and guitarist. The band's name is taken from...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Revisit: Corea

"¡Corea es bueno!" as one of their local fans would say. Corea is (obviously) from Spain, I'm pretty sure they are still together. Before I heard their music, I saw a live picture of them showing one of the members playing a synthesizer. At that moment I knew I would love these guys. And in fact they do rule, they play a post-rocky brand of screamo, if your a fan of long build ups and cool background tones, you will probably enjoy Corea. They have done a few Europe tours, I'm not sure if they have done any America tours yet. Plain and simple, check these guys out, especially if your a fan of Envy. If your not a fan of Envy, do it anyway. You can read more about them on their myspace, if you know Spanish.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

CMHWAK Launch Contest - Win an OOP 7"

Alright, posers. We're going to start this off right. I have an extremely underrated out-of-print Fieldtree "Fleas in his Collar" seven inch on Winter Records from 1995. I'll mail this out to the winner of a little CMHWAK contest. I made the original form of this contest way too complicated.  So now it's as simple as this:

1) Get a Blogger account and click that "FOLLOW" button to the right.

I'll put the names into a list and randomize it.  Then I'll mail this record anywhere to the reader who wins.  No duplicate accounts.

This contest will close on November 10 2010 at midnight. Tell your friends, reblog, etc.  The more people that participate, the more I'll be inclined to do future contests.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Revisit: Lion Of The North

Lion Of The North, holy shit, these guys rule. They were a huge gateway band for me. Unfortunately they only have two releases, an E.P. titled The Compass Calls, and a split with Mans. After they broke up, they went on to play in some equally awesome bands, such as Grown Ups, Antilles, and Staph (don't quote me on this, but apparently La Disputes bassist was in Lion Of The North). Any-hoo, they don't really play fast, they play catchy melodic tunes that are fun to sing along to.
Here is all their music, take it if you wanna enjoy some good music.

Band: Orion Pax

Orion Pax are St Louis a band I discovered in CMHWAK's own forums. The bass player posts there. They play some cool jams reminiscent of I, Robot. They apparently have a two song demo up for download and hand screened CDs. And will be recording 5 new songs soon. Hit up the website I guess. I hope they stick around.


A youtube video from the Love Lost But Not Forgotten reunion:

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Revisit: Little known and under appreciated... LINCOLN

I suppose you can say this was my introduction to what was called "emo" back in 1994/95. Lincoln was a semi-melodic, screamy, and emotional hardcore band from Morgrantown, West Virginia.

Their discography includes:
Two Headed Coin: Split 7” w/ Hoover, (1993, Art Monk Construction - AMC#1)
S/T 7”, known as “Watermark”, (1993, Watermark)
S/T 7”, (1994, Art Monk Construction - AMC#7) - Lincoln’s final recordings, with a slightly different Line-up.

Tour: Celeste goes north!

The French screamo band Celeste will be visiting the cold north in November. Current dates are 10th-14th of November. They will be joined by the fresh Danish black metal-band Hexis.
If you happened to live somewhere near one of the shows, go there and get your mind blown away. Its going to be lovely.

Dates and locations (Stay tuned for venues and such for the TBA dates, I'll try to update as much as I can)

11 November, TBA, Oslo, Norway

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Revisit: Arroyo Seco

A dead emo band, later known as Life At These Speeds, now a dead screamo band. Few are those who know about this project and those who have this are even fewer, which is quite a pity, since this is some genuine music. Worth the share.

Despite this being just a demo tape, this is superb stuff, with specific and extremely melodic 90' emo tone followed with quite chaotic vocals. Six songs with roughly 20 minutes of tunes and an excellent booklet with lyrics. Only this demo was recorded, although there are rumors on the internet that there was a scheduled Arroyo Seco/The Pine split, with songs that never saw the light of day. But let us not be greedy and just enjoy this masterpiece.

This is their myspace page, not official, but it will do:

And here is the link for Arroyo Seco - Cassete Tape:

Monday, October 4, 2010

Interview: Will Killingsworth

Will Killingsworth is a prolific musician who has shared his talents in Orchid, Bucket Full of Teeth, Ampere, Failures, and Vaccine. The following is the result of an interview with Will Killingsworth that I did in April of 2008 for a now out-of-print zine. Enjoy.
"I've been using the same guitar for about the past ten years now, which is a GIbson SG from the 90's that someone before me modified with a new pickguard which enables it to hold regular P-90 pick ups. I've just realized recently how important the P-90s are to the sound I've been getting for years, and that their clarity has allowed me to get away with some of the more dissonant/weird chords I use sometimes and have it not sound like mud. So, getting the guitar with them in it was really a happy accident I feel. That guitar was used for every track on Orchid, Bucket Full of Teeth, and Failures records. For Ampere I usually use the SG on one track and then a Gibson S1 from the 70s on another track, it has a thinner, cleaner sound, that really lets the notes shine through, but on it's own can be a little weak sounding.

For amps, I've gone through several changes, so I guess I'll go through them in stages....

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Revisit: Yossarian Is Drowning

Yossarian Is Drowning was a small, now-dead screamo band from Britain. You can tell they are from Britain with their vocals, which I like, because most bands I have heard from Britain don't always necessarily have that British accent with their music. They have a few E.P's, a split with We Are Corpses, and a fairly enjoyable self titled under their belt. For the most part they focus on having a melodic and structured sound, but that doesn't mean they don't know how to make their music sound good while playing chaoticly. Yossarian Is Drowning was a good band.
Here is a link to their myspace so you can check out some of their tunes:
Here are two of their releases that I could find:
split w/ We Are Corpses:
P.S.: At the end of the s/t, there is a nice little surprise. I'm not sure if the band put that on there themselves, or if who ever uploaded the album added it themselves. Either way, it's cool.