Saturday, November 6, 2010

Revisit: Jupiter Lander - S/T

So I was browsing through my totally OOP record collection (or something) the other day and then I stumbled across this little piece of wonder.

Jupiter Lander is an "old fashioned" emo-band from Leeds, England. I don't know how big and famous they are out there, but whoever hasn't heard them yet really really should. Unfortunately they disbanded in September 2008, but they managed to release a 7" and an EP before their death.
Their music is more towards the "happy" sound, somewhat The Pine-ish. They build up towards a climax, breaks it down into twinkly guitar parts with desperate singing which then builds up towards the end and every instruments just fits perfectly in every tone until they hit the last one. You know, the usual! I love this stuff, and I'd advise everyone who can to buy their 7" if they get the opportunity. It has some sweet artwork as well.

This is their myspace, and check my blog for downloading.

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