Sunday, December 19, 2010

What happened to After School Knife Fight?

This is brief history of what happened to After School Knife Fight. But really, it's mostly about two people (Brandon Velestuk and Kevin Smart) since they moved to my city after Kamloops. My impressions indicate that both are pretty embarrassed about the band.

Jacen Beers has probably disappeared but I remember a VLV thread about fixed gear bikes that linked to something he posted.

Brandon Velestuk was in an awesome band called the Dirt On (suggested "Swan Dive") and has since been not too active with music. The band had a lot of interesting guitar work and was sort of mathy and different. He does lots of design work (Gigposters) and has done work for Metropol.

Kevin Smart has been the most musically active and his projects include:

After School Knife Fight
Our Last Days As Children
Project C.H.U.D.
The Dead Will Rise (Calgary) (2004-2006) were a "horror metal" band that I saw play in Victoria and they had a female vocalist at the time. I think I have their CD somewhere in my closet.
(dead links, maybe can help) (working link:

Mayday Mayday (2008-2009)

Compound Terror (grind with noise interludes, 2008-present)


Northern (instrumental jamz, 2009-present)

Northern is probably my favourite of the lot, there are some hints of Stop It!!! and Gospel and Amanda Woodward type riffs.


  1. Jacen Beers is probably now a COP or something like that. A Detective maybe? I remember something like that from the last time I cyber chatted with him.

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