Saturday, January 29, 2011

On Jayson Green, "skramz", and getting soft

I have no idea who the kid who sent this is, but this is just some food for thought.  If you're reading this blog, are twelve years old, and use the word "skramz" with complete sincerity, you really need to get off the internet and take some advice from Usurp Synapse:

And if you make videos of yourself doing vocal covers of Saetia songs, this is especially true.

Can we just stop this shit in 2011? Please?



  1. seriousness clearly depicted by his lack of punctuation & shorthand diction, right?

    maybe you & jayson greene are the ones who should be following the advice given by usurp synapse, because it's apparent yr both idiots

    CMHWAK 2.0 is weak & embarrassing as fuck

  2. That vocal cover makes me want to end the world.

  3. So uhh.. What was this 7" he speaks of?
    And violent bullshit fuckin rocks