Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Mountain Far Label Compilation: Sovereign Songs

The hardcore label A Mountain Far has thrown up a sweet download compilation on their bandcamp page. Features favorites such as Ravachol, Beau Navire, The Discord of a Forgotten Sketch, and Lizards Have Personalities (among others).

A Mountain Far bigcartel.
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Adaje + Lizards Have Personalities Split

Carucage Records, Sometimes I Get Drunk, and Sea of Tranquility are releasing a split from both Adaje + Lizards Have Personalities soon. You can pre order the split, along with other stuff, at their merch store and you can listen to it on the releases bandcamp page.

Screamo bands Adaje (Memphis, TN) and Lizards Have Personalities (Lawrence, KS) have each recorded two songs for a new split 7". This is a split label release between Sometimes I Get Drunk, Sea of Tranquility, and Carucage. These are limited to 300 copies.


The Band, not the Romanian artist.

MONOTONSTUDIO RECORDS uploaded Tristan Tzara's seminal Da Ne Zaboravis 7" for download on Bandcamp. They've also got some shirts for sale (and other fine and marvelous things) at their merch site.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

CMAR 2012



+++ Ampere/Raein 7" Split +++

Ampere posted on their blogspot a few weeks ago that they are recording a split currently with legendary euro screamo band Raein.

We began recording three new songs on Monday (1/2/12) for a split 7" with our buds in RAEIN. I should have taken a cool this is us recording drums picture, but didn't. Regardless, it's underway.... more exciting updates to follow....
Everyone knows how incredibly great both bands are, and how diligent and prolific Will Dandy of Ampere is. Something to definitely watch out for in the new year.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Plastic Smile Records Sale Monday - Friday (Jan 16 - Jan 20)

One of the boards regulars, Nolan, started up Plastic Smile Records not too long ago and has been diligently putting out his own releases as well as distro'ing releases of his friends'. Today starts his awesome sale that puts most of his merch on sale for less than $3. Nolan also made some pretty neat iwontstopwonderinguntilyoustopbreathing and celestial being t shirts, check them out. Nolan has been planning on releasing a few records soon, a 7" and a 12" for his respective bands I believe. HELP HIM OUT.

Plastic Smile Records on facebook.
Plastic Smile Records Big Cartel Page.
Plastic Smile Records Bandcamp.

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Adorno - Year 2 Discography Pre Order

Shove Records is doing something pretty cool!

and here's our surprise for the new year.... I am really glad, 'cause among our releases I finally do have ADORNO, a Portuguese group I've been in contact with for many years
this is intro in their myspace to describe this awesome guys "We are 4 kids split in half by a river between Lisbon and Almada. Just put some friendship, punk-diy and some delay pedals on the boat plus the motivation to keep sailing to have some fun and meet new places"

...we've been trying to do something together for a couple of years and at the end we made it...
infact will go soon at the pressing plant the second part of their discography and it will be ready by mid of February, under the name of YEAR 2.
the first part of their discography was only released on CD (on protagonist and we love pandas), but now the second part of their rich discography will see the light on vinyl+cd included.
and will be including the following:
Said and Unsaid 7" (released on adagio830, pure pain sugar)
split with Sugartown Cabaret 12" (released on communication is not words, emergence, agonia)
split with Black Heart Rebellion 7" (released on adagio830, smoke&dust)
split with Eric Ayotte 7" (released on adagio830, brown town e sleep city)
6way split Connections (with kias fansuri, isaiah, captain your ship is sinking, saddest landscape, suis la lune) 12" (released on moment of collapse)
+ 1 unrealesed song for now (will be out in 2012 for split with auxes)
for 11 songs in total

It will be in a 12"+cd with outer sleeves screenprinted, one insert + one poster will be printed in 500 copies in total: 400 in black vinyl and 100 in white vinyl (avaiable only for pre-order)
here you can listen to something
myspace page

sound like: passionate hardcore with drive like jehuhisch melodic edge. More postrock than screamo. Noisy, distorted, melodic, beautiful, emotive sad sounding music with an intense reminiscent voice
for fans: of amanda woodward, end of a year, at the drive in, daitro, drive like jehu and Husker Du

and last but not least, 3 different offers, valid for anybodody who is gonna buy the record in pre-order within January 31st
- preorder 1: white vinyl with shipping included at 18euro (eur) / 23euro (us&jap) / 29euro (aus)

- preorder 2: white vinyl plus limited t-shirt (avaiable only for preorders guys) with shipping included at 25euro (eur) / 30euro (us&jap) / 36euro (aus) (Please drop us a line which size you want when you place your order)

- preorder 3: white vinyl + black vinyl + limited t-shirt (avaiable only for preorders guys) with shipping included at 33euro (eur) / 38euro (us&jap) / 44euro (aus) (Please drop us a line which size you want when you place your order)

for payment paypal it's ok, write me and i'll give you mail


mail: or
website: facebook find shove or manu shove, or on twitter.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Not Skramz - Singer of ACxDC needs YOUR help

This is my daughter Savina (Azellea in the background). Savy has to have heart surgery and it's going to cost a lot. If you'd like to help you can donate via PayPal at or buy ACxDC albums on our bandcamp ( or buy some merch well be making or attend some benefit events in the upcoming months. It would mean a lot if you could spread the word. Any support is much appreciated.
- Sergio

Refused Reunion - ATD-I Confirmed

Yeah, this is getting out of hand. Refused is on the Coachella 2012 line-up along with At the Drive-In, which is kind of aggravating, but hopefully both bands do very ridiculous things at the shit show festival.

Read their (uh) communique here.
Talk about it on TEH FORUMS here.

Refused - Rather Be Dead (Who doesn't know the lyrics?)

Also, what do you think about this whole situation? Do you think Refused should be doing this by playing festivals or are they just too big for smaller venues? Similar questions with At the Drive-In... Also, does this mean that Ryan Gosling will eventually be introduced to skram gods Loma Prieta and join the CMHWAK community? Do you think he already lurks?