Tuesday, January 17, 2012

+++ Ampere/Raein 7" Split +++

Ampere posted on their blogspot a few weeks ago that they are recording a split currently with legendary euro screamo band Raein.

We began recording three new songs on Monday (1/2/12) for a split 7" with our buds in RAEIN. I should have taken a cool this is us recording drums picture, but didn't. Regardless, it's underway.... more exciting updates to follow....
Everyone knows how incredibly great both bands are, and how diligent and prolific Will Dandy of Ampere is. Something to definitely watch out for in the new year.



  1. Incredible news and I am now eagerly waiting for the day they release the track they are both working on. It will surely be a blast in the market for the listeners.

  2. Best of luck for the recording of your new songs for split 7. The both bands are outclass and I am really hoping to see something mindblowing this time by these two rocking bands.