Wednesday, January 4, 2012

For Want Of + Adobe Homes. West Coast Tour

The good and amazingly awesome dudes in For Want Of & Adobe Homes. are touring the west coast currently, hitting up places such as Pomona (CA), Eugene (OR), Santa Rosa (CA), and Las Vegas (NV). I failed them drastically by not getting them a show on Jan 14th, but you can still probably help them out. At any rate, check them out. Adobe Homes. posted some pretty cool pictures of their new shirts (1 & 2) on their facebook page and For Want Of posted tracks from their new (and fucking awesome) album (Smoke) on soundcloud. Woo Hoo!
LinkHere's the facebook page with tour info (there's also a thread on the forums that's more in depth and with some awesome flyers).

1 comment:

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