Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Revisit: Arroyo Seco

A dead emo band, later known as Life At These Speeds, now a dead screamo band. Few are those who know about this project and those who have this are even fewer, which is quite a pity, since this is some genuine music. Worth the share.

Despite this being just a demo tape, this is superb stuff, with specific and extremely melodic 90' emo tone followed with quite chaotic vocals. Six songs with roughly 20 minutes of tunes and an excellent booklet with lyrics. Only this demo was recorded, although there are rumors on the internet that there was a scheduled Arroyo Seco/The Pine split, with songs that never saw the light of day. But let us not be greedy and just enjoy this masterpiece.

This is their myspace page, not official, but it will do:

And here is the link for Arroyo Seco - Cassete Tape: