Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Revisit: Corea

"¡Corea es bueno!" as one of their local fans would say. Corea is (obviously) from Spain, I'm pretty sure they are still together. Before I heard their music, I saw a live picture of them showing one of the members playing a synthesizer. At that moment I knew I would love these guys. And in fact they do rule, they play a post-rocky brand of screamo, if your a fan of long build ups and cool background tones, you will probably enjoy Corea. They have done a few Europe tours, I'm not sure if they have done any America tours yet. Plain and simple, check these guys out, especially if your a fan of Envy. If your not a fan of Envy, do it anyway. You can read more about them on their myspace, if you know Spanish.


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