Sunday, October 3, 2010

Revisit: Yossarian Is Drowning

Yossarian Is Drowning was a small, now-dead screamo band from Britain. You can tell they are from Britain with their vocals, which I like, because most bands I have heard from Britain don't always necessarily have that British accent with their music. They have a few E.P's, a split with We Are Corpses, and a fairly enjoyable self titled under their belt. For the most part they focus on having a melodic and structured sound, but that doesn't mean they don't know how to make their music sound good while playing chaoticly. Yossarian Is Drowning was a good band.
Here is a link to their myspace so you can check out some of their tunes:
Here are two of their releases that I could find:
split w/ We Are Corpses:
P.S.: At the end of the s/t, there is a nice little surprise. I'm not sure if the band put that on there themselves, or if who ever uploaded the album added it themselves. Either way, it's cool.

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